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Sunset in Grenada

Grenada Activities

Boasting a still moderate tourism industry, Grenada is one of the most unspoilt Caribbean islands.   The Island offers diversity; from white sand beaches, snorkeling boat trips to hiking in the Grand Etang rain forest.     If you are here for a while, a trip up to Tobago Cays National Park is a must.


Of course you should see the famous Grand Anse Beach.    Umbrellas  Restaurant is a good stop for lunch while there.

Magazine Beach is just as its name suggests: something you expect in a magazine!    Good snorkeling and The Aquarium Restaurant is on this beach.

Mourne Rouge is located in the quiet BBC bay.    Visit La Plywood Beach Bar

Bathway beach is at the North of the Island and you can swim behind the natural reef with  views of the off shore islands.    Further on from Bathway is Levera Beach which is the nesting ground for the Leather back Turtles between April and July.    If you are up North visit Petit Anse


Visit the Gouyave or Grenville nutmeg processing plants to learn more about our famous spice or take a trip to Belmont Estate to learn about the processing of our top quality chocolate.

Turtle Watching

If you visit between April through June, the Leatherback Turtles will be coming ashore to lay their eggs.   We recommend you go with a tour  or taxi as it is a long drive at night.

Forts & History

Get a little history fix.    Visit some of the old forts in Grenada.

Other historic sites.

Conservation kayaking

Kayak around the shore edge of Grenada and learn more about the mangroves and the role they play in protecting the fauna and shore.   Conservation Kayak

Underwater Sculpture Park

Take a snorkeling trip to our Underwater Sculpture Park

Rum Factories

You cannot come to Grenada and not try the rum!

River Antoine Rum Distillery is the oldest Rum Factory in the western hemisphere and still operating with a water wheel.


Clark’s Court Distillery is in the St. George district and is famous for a wide variety of rum products.


Westerhall Rum Distillery Westerhall Estate in St. David’s. Visit the Museum. Take a tour of the ruins and sample their award winning rums.

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Carnival Grenada

In the first and second week in August Grenada is in high gear for te annual Carnival.

If you like to be part of a crowd or watch on the side lines, find out all the event information at Spice Mas Co.

Feel like off roading!

Want to see Grenada from a different perspective!     Try Sun Hunters


Grenada has a number of beautiful falls surrounded by lush tropical plants.

Visit the Pure Grenada website to find out more.

USA Today article about our falls

Snorkelling & Diving

Explore the warm waters and what is beneath them.

Eco Dive & Trek  offer a number of scuba and snorkeling packages.   They also rent kayaks, paddle boards and hobi cats.

Aquanauts also offer a variety of snorkeling and scuba packages.

Scubatech   Another good dive shop based in Prickly Bay

Grand Etang & Hiking

See Grand Etang a crater lake in an extinct volcano.  You may even see the Mona monkeys

There are a number of great Hiking Trails around this area.

Get your high from an eco adventures?  In the same area as the Seven Sisters Waterfall.    Check out Grenada High Wire


Grenada has won Gold twelve times at the famous Chelsea Flower Show.   You can experience a lot of the flora by walking around Grand Etang, however there are some organized garden tours.

Sunsation Tours

Mandoo Tours


Add a bit of fun to your vacation by tubing.    Adventure Jeep Tours can arrange this for you.

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Goats on the Road

Nick & Dariece video their experiences in Grenada.   Great videos to get a feel for what it is like living here and some of the lifestyle joys Grenada has to offer.

Sunsation Tours- Destination Grenada

Sunsation Tours - Destination Grenada.

Grenada Culinary Tour

Culinary Tour of Grenada.

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Please note that the companies &  locations on this site are suggestions.  

 We cannot be held liable for any injuries, disappointments or any other matters.

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